Reports / Publications

S# Title Attachments
01 Endline Study of Empowering older people to improve lives in Districts Jacobabad and Shikarpur of Sindh Province Download
02 Conducting Social Assessment – Sindh Agricultural Growth Project Download
03 EU WINS Mid Term Evaluation Download
04 Gender and Community-based disaster risk reduction (DRR) assessment Download
05 Consultancy of Formative Research and Development of Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) Strategy” for Save the Children Download
06 Baseline Study of Child Marriage (Prevention) Initiative Project Download
07 Conduct “Year 3 evaluation DFID – PPA Funded – Empowering Adolescent Girls Through Education” Project Download
08 Conduct of Formative Research for Designing BCC Framework/Strategy Download
09 Baseline Survey in Six Towns of Central Sindh under Sindh Cities Improvement Program (SCIP) Download
10 Joint MFS II evaluation of development interventions at country level Pakistan Download
11 Evaluation of Flood Relief Project in Sindh 2011-12 Download
12 Baseline Survey of Coastal Areas Download